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Renee has a wonderful team of staff taking care of your kiddies, but that doesn’t stop her from being involved on every level every day. There are three classes at Atlantic Kids Academy, here are the teachers that head each of the classes. For more information, please feel free to contact us.



Head of Angelfish Class (0-14 months approx.)

Anna has been with AKA from the very first day we opened and is now the head teacher for the Nursery. Taking care of your angels is done with the most love and care possible. We have a nursery, as well as an undercover and sheltered play area and a beautiful garden for their outdoor play. Their daily routine includes music, sensory play, story time, outdoor play, and of course, naps! Every part of their day is documented and shared with the parents throughout the day. 



Head of Seal Pup Class (14-24 months approx.)

Genevieve started with AKA as a Support Teacher and has moved up to become the Much Loved head teacher for the Seal Pups. Their transition from the Angelfish Class to Seal Pup class happens when they are walking and toddling around and need more stimulation. There they start doing more art, learning how to do jigsaw puzzles, and educational activities. The kiddies also get to play in the bigger play area with age appropriate toys, under supervision, and learn all about climbing and other physical activities.



Head of Dolphin Class (2-4 years approx.)

Lydia has also been with AKA from the beginning and oversees getting your child ready to move from preschool to preprimary school. Once your child starts getting ready to move to “Big School”, they will join the Dolphin Class. There, they will do a lot more creative art, educational activities, and physical activities (including gross-motor and fine-motor skills). We also ensure that your child is ready on all levels, including physically, mentally. and emotionally. 

frequently asked question:

What Does Your Baby Nursery Offer?

We have a lovely small baby nursery with limited space for 6 babies, with 2 teachers in this class to give the best care. Our staff are excellent and have many years of experience to stimulate, teach and nurture our tiny angels.

There is a lovely large nursery class area, as well as a separate undercover and sheltered baby outdoor play area.

Our daily routine includes music, sensory play, story time and outdoor garden playtime, where we have a gorgeous large garden for babies to explore, play and learn.

We remain in touch with each parent throughout the day, sending photos so you can see what your angel is doing. We also document sleep, feeding, and nappy changing times, to make your schedule as easy as possible when you get home.

We strive to give the very best care to each and every baby, building strong secure bonds, so your baby is happy and secure at school.

Atlantic Kids Academy has been open since 2008, giving excellent care, in a loving family environment, creating a home away from home environment for babies to thrive.

Please arrange a time to view and discuss any queries you may have.

Renee Wing

We look forward to welcoming you to our AKA family!


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